Find Your Match

Discover the perfect employee for your project with our AI-driven matchmaking capabilities.

Matching Experts to Projects with AI: Leveraging Content-Collaborative Approach

Taltrics utilizes advanced AI models that consider skills, domain knowledge, and capacity to match employees to projects. This content-collaborative approach ensures the best-fit recommendations are provided, allowing users to easily understand and select the most suitable candidates for their projects.

Discover the Perfect Match for Your Project

Our AI-powered recommendation system matches employees to projects based on their skills, experience, growth, and capacity.

Find top talent given requirements in seconds

Balance capacity and improve employee growth

Bulk matches across entire portfolio

Get rid of manual or rules-based talent flow

Use artificial intelligence to understand the why

Flow talent across projects and tasks with ease

Identify top talent with confidence

Improve project and task outcomes

Discover Your Best Fit: Find the Perfect Match for Your Project

With Taltrics' Project Match-Maker feature, you can easily find the top best-fit matches for your project. Switch and select from a list of employees with confidence, test trade-offs on capacity and more.

Identify best matches across entire workforce

Assess tradeoffs of shifting employees

Improve project portfolio success

The Project Match-Maker Process

Discover the AI-driven algorithm behind our Project Match-Maker