It is time to invest in your people leaders.

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Resource Allocation
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Capacity Management
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Workforce Planning

Optimize your resource allocation

Optimally allocate employees to the right work at the right time accounting for availability, skills, growth, location, language, capacity, and more!

Automatically balance workloads across employees and enhance development

Easily calibrate employee focus area to meet current and future business needs

Manage capacity faster and smarter

Keep a pulse on capacity, impact, and development at any level of the org

Automatically receive people insights and implement data-driven solutions in minutes

Explore visualizations of employee skills, experience, and key stakeholder relationships

Plan your team for any scenario

Real-time forecasting of future scenarios and capacity levels

Automatic identification of future capacity issues and optimal workforce strategies months in advance

Proactive, data-driven planning of teams to meet future needs and strategic hiring initiatives

Shape the future

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Use data to allocate, manage, & plan your internal recruitment teams.

Reduce cost-per-hire & TTF with high quality hires and better developed recruiter

Leverage collaboration hub to enhance leadership & team synergies

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Staffing & RPO

Maximize profit
by optimally planning & allocating recruiters within & across clients

Minimize the lost productivity of under-capacity recruiters

Cross-client optimization and support in operations & strategic planning

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Sales & BD

Crush sales goals by optimally planning & allocating SDR & AEs within & across territories

Minimize the lost productivity by monitoring GTM real-time and identifying issues

Plan GTM in days instead of weeks and execute with our AI-driven rep allocation tools

Accelerate your team in as easy as 1, 2, 3

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1. Identify

Meet with our team to identify best solution for your company now and in the future.

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2. Integrate

Our engineering team will rapidly integrate Taltrics, providing real-time data and insights to your leaders.

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3. Optimize

Improve business outcomes, better distribute work and create a thriving culture to grow.