Taltrics: The AI-Powered Resource Management Platform, Now AMS Verified

Taltrics: The AI-Powered Resource Management Platform, Now AMS Verified

Taltrics, the leading AI-powered resource management platform for talent leaders, is thrilled to announce its recent verification by Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS), a global provider of talent acquisition outsourcing and advisory services. This significant milestone marks Taltrics' commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and solidifies its position as a trusted partner for talent leaders worldwide.

What is AMS Verified?
AMS Verified is an innovative online talent technology analysis platform and an esteemed recognition granted to talent technology solutions that have undergone a rigorous assessment process. With over 140 vendors evaluated and categorized into 22 groups, AMS Verified connects technology seekers with technology leaders, helping talent leaders make informed decisions about the right technology for their needs. Upon verification, vendors gain competitive advantages from new sales opportunities and access to the latest market trends and data. Members gain access to AMS’s advisory services, allowing them to optimize their talent stack and receive personalized guidance from industry experts. AMS Verified also offers various programs designed to educate, advise, and connect the HR ecosystem.

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Unlocking Synergies.

The talent landscape is a vast and ever-evolving terrain, often leaving buyers overwhelmed with the multitude of talent technology solutions available. In recognition of this challenge, Taltrics has partnered with AMS and their groundbreaking platform, AMS Verified, to provide talent leaders with a seamless navigation experience.

Talent leaders can now explore Taltrics along with other innovative talent solutions, all within a simple and intuitive interface. Taltrics also gains access to a wider audience of talent leaders along with customer reviews shared within the community.

Taltrics’ CEO, Alex Marshall, shared his enthusiasm for the verification and the resulting synergies. “We are thrilled to collaborate with AMS and their pioneering platform, AMS Verified, to support talent leaders in navigating the dynamic talent landscape. Through this partnership, Taltrics aims to empower talent leaders by providing a user-friendly interface to explore talent technologies, fostering a deep understanding of specific products, and facilitating access to the latest innovations for their success. Talent leaders' success is integral to our success. So why not support them in any way possible? Our verification by AMS is a testament to our commitment to not only revolutionizing talent technologies but also supporting our community worldwide.”

The partnership between Taltrics and AMS fosters an environment of collaboration, allowing talent leaders to navigate the ever-changing talent technology landscape with confidence. By leveraging the expertise and offerings of these verified platforms, talent leaders can streamline their talent acquisition strategies and create a true total talent solution.

About Taltrics.

Taltrics is a trailblazing AI-powered resource management platform dedicated to empowering talent leaders. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Taltrics enables talent leaders to optimize resource management processes through capacity planning and resource allocation. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Taltrics continues to redefine the future of resource management.

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