AI-Powered Resource Management

Leverage cutting-edge AI for your resource planning and allocation to drive utilization, delivery, and sales.

Enhance outcomes leverage AI-Powered Resource Planning and Allocation.

5-18% higher margins

3-5% increased utilization

98% faster resourcing

Master Resource Planning with AI-Driven Insights

Optimally Estimate Resource Requirements: Use AI to estimate resource needs across projects with real-time adjustments based on progress and changing requirements.

Integrate CRM Opportunities: Instantly build GenAI-powered resource plans in Taltrics for sales quoting and resource management teams.

Detailed Availability Insights: Obtain daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly availability insights for precise project timeline commitments and smarter workload distribution.

Leverage AI Learning: Implement AI systems that learn from each forecasting cycle, continuously improving the accuracy of FTE predictions and optimizing project delivery.

Scenario Planning and Capacity Management: Gain real-time insights into capacity and skill availability, explore various resource plans, identify capacity and skill gaps, and manage sales opportunities effectively.

Optimize Resource Allocation for Seamless Operations

Employ Real-Time Matching: Utilize requirement matching to align employees and contractors with resource needs effectively.

Maximize Utilization and Margins: Focus on maximizing resource utilization and project margins by strategically allocating individuals to high-value tasks.

Tailored Recommendations: Customize resource recommendations based on skills, experience, utilization, preferences, geography, and more.

Assess Trade-offs: Compare top recommendations and access detailed explanations for informed decision-making.

Align with Business Goals: Ensure that resource allocation supports overarching business goals, enhancing project delivery and organizational performance.

Deploy Resources Across Projects with Precision

Automatically Allocate Top Talent: Utilize AI to identify and assign top talent efficiently across multiple projects and tasks.

Maximize Project Delivery: Set clear goals to optimize project delivery timelines and ensure efficient bench utilization and workforce development.

Customize Recommendations: Tailor resource recommendations based on specific constraints such as skills, geography, language, or experience requirements.

Prioritize Project and Client Needs: Set and adjust priorities to align with project and client objectives, leveraging Taltrics for optimal resource allocation.

Integrate Seamlessly with Approval Chains: Directly send assigned resources back into your Project Portfolio Management system with custom approval chains for streamlined visibility and execution.

Embed AI today to enable your resourcing