AI-Powered Capacity Planning

Maximize your capacity and anticipate bottlenecks across pipeline scenarios for informed decision-making.

Maximize Utilization with Real-Time Capacity Planning

Comprehensive Team Bandwidth View: Instantly know your team's status—who's available, occupied, or over capacity.

Detailed Availability Insights: Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly availability insights for precise project timeline commitments and smarter workload distribution.

Resource Breakdown: Analyze capacity by job profile, department, client, project, and custom filters for in-depth insights.

Proactive Resource Management: Make informed decisions to allocate resource capabilities and capacity effectively, integrate workforce development plans, and maximize team productivity.

Capacity Analytics for Peak Workforce Efficiency

Detect Under or Oversupply Quickly: Identify areas of potential under- or oversupply with powerful analytics to implement corrective measures and optimize employee utilization.

Real-Time Demand vs. Supply Snapshot: Get an up-to-date view including holidays and time-offs for accurate hiring needs planning.

Track Utilization Rates: Monitor your team's workload to pinpoint where more resources are needed.

Sync Projects and Resources: Achieve forward visibility into your project pipeline for better resource planning.

Deploy Resources Across Projects with Precision

Integrate CRM Opportunities: Build GenAI-powered resource plans instantly in Taltrics for sales quoting and resource management teams.

Visibility into Capacity: Gain real-time insights into capacity and skill availability against resource requirements for pipeline projects.

Scenario Planning: Explore various resource plans to identify the best strategy.

Identify Capacity and Skill Gaps: Anticipate and address gaps months in advance to inform hiring strategies.

Manage Sales Opportunities: Prioritize your backlog with comprehensive opportunity and project views.

Master Resource Optimization Effortlessly

Discover how our Capacity Planning tool can streamline your resource management process.